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Services Offered

Trying to define what Sion does is… interesting, as Every Session and Workshop is different.  He has the ability to tune in with each person or group and bring through what is needed. There are  many many Techniques and Processes he can call upon to create a bespoke transformative experience.

He has the potential to access the sub conscious and the deep old stories of life and though support, non-judgement, compassion, understanding, and empowerment bring about clarity, realignment and realisation.


This is a great Joy for Sion, He really enjoys working With a great group of People to Create a Safe High Vibration Space that support people to really come into their Power and Connection.  Sion has a passion for “being of Service” to the bigger Picture.  The Power and Magic of a Group of aware people who are embodying their Gifts Talents and Super-powers and then work/play to create Positive change for the Land, Waters, Peoples and Planet.  This is Fun and is something we can do that really makes a difference.
Presentations Festivals etc are also a great place to really show up and create something that is a Blessing and Highly Beneficial to each individual whilst at the same time honouring that we are all equal and when we co-create, true magic happens.


Sion is a Conscious Channel, this mens he is fully present whilst safely connecting with some very beautiful Wise and Loving Aspects of Consciousness.  This can Be Your Higher Self, Ascended Masters, and Beings form the different Kingdoms (Nature, Angelic, Ancestral).  His favourite Characters are St Germain, A A Michael, The Christ Consciousness.
This is usually a recorded Session so you can continue to receive the blessings, healing and benefits fo ever.  The beauty of this sort of experience is that you get to directly relate to higher consciousness, and a high Vibration transmission is offered.

Healing Sessions

This could be anything from a Physical Injury (Mild to severe) or Physical Illness/Dis-ease(mild to severe), Emotional Wounding and Trauma Release, Mental Health and Wellbeing.  This is sometimes Physical pressure points/bodywork, Shamanic Healing ( several dimensions), Guidance and Visualisation.

Coaching & Mentoring

We all need support and assistance at times and to be open to receive clear guidance, unconditional acceptance/love, great insights and someone simply “Being there for You” as we make our ways through This beautiful, crazy, challenging life.

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